We provide help for companies that want to invest in Germany. Our lawyers specialized investment law can advise on starting a business in Germany and related questions. If you wish to start a business in Germany or invest in the German market, we are your partners to help you.

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How to start a business in Germany

Doing business in Germany often starts with the establishment of a corporation or partnership in Germany. Most companies choose to establish a German limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung – GmbH. The German GmbH is the most widely used legal form for corporations in Germany and a good start if you wish to invest in Germany. Before the corporation can start its business in Germany, a lot of paperwork has to be done and several registrations must be made. Of course we will assist you in this matter, e.g. with the registration at the Trade Office.

How to do business in Germany

Once your corporation or branch office is established you most certainly want to start doing business in Germany as soon as possible. Anyway, there are still a few pitfalls and everybody who wants to do business here must be aware of specialities in German Business Law.

It might be neccessary to establish contracts according to German Law. Most German contracts are – in contrary to english contracts – very short and precise. Nevertheless they muste be drafted carefully to avoid surprises lateron since courts can declare clauses null and void if they are unjust.

If companies want to use their boilerplate english contracts it must be checked if they can be used in Germany or if they are inconsitent to mandatory German laws.

Investing in Germany – Incentives

Germany offers different incentives for foreign companies that want to invest in Germany. There are different incentives for investing in Germany and it must be checked which one can be applied for. Incentives will be granted as

Which incentives will be warranted depends on the investment volume and the number of employes and size of the company.

If you wish to invest in Germany or start a business here, please send us an e-mail. We will be happy to help you and to provide you with a written quote and full cost-breakdown for our services.

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