BTI application: How to obtain a Binding Tariff Information (BTI) in Germany

Do you need help with a BTI application in Germany? Binding Tariff Informations (BTI – in German: Verbindliche Zolltarifauskunft) help companies doing their business according to European Customs law. Companies often face the problem that they must classify any goods brought into the European Union on customs declaration. That process is often very difficult and tedious. Should the company fail to choose the right tariff number, criminal prosecution and corrective payments may be the case.

If you need a verbindliche Zolltarifauskunft (BTI) in Germany please call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a written quote including a full cost breakdown.

Thus the European Union has established a system of Binding Tariff Informations (BTI). Companies can apply for such a BTI to have the tariff position of the goods clarified by the custom authorities.

Get help with your BTI application in Germany

We assist importers from foreign countries and especially Non-German companies to obtain a Binding Tariff Information (BTI) in Germany. Everyone who

  • wants to import goods in Germany
  • or has a branch in Germany
  • envisages an import or export operation

can apply for a BTI in Germany and thus profit from the legal certainty once issued.

Since the German administrative procedures can have some pitfalls, we can advise you on the BTI application and what must be done to obtain a proper BTI – especially when time is of the essence.

Unsure which classification is correct?

As most companies have difficulites to determine the correct tariff position, we can help with the process of classification.  We advise

  • on the Combined Nomenclature of the European Union
  • the General Rules of Interpretation of the Harmonized System and the Combined Nomenclature
  • on the classification according to the use of the product

Can You Appeal a Binding Tariff Information Ruling?

It might be the case that you disagree with the classification given on the BTI. In those cases you can and should appeal the decision. A correct classification is crucial for any importer. If the classification is wrong this can lead to overpayment of import duties. Please note that you must contest the BTI immediately since there will time-limits for objections running.

If you wish to appeal a Binding Tariff Information we can assist you in front of the German authorities and courts. We advise if customs does not follow the tariff classification you applied for.

The benefits at a glance

Our service has the following advantages:

  • Get security – obtain a Binding Tariff Information if you plan to import your goods to Germany
  • Avoid infringements of customs law and corrective payments as well as criminal prosecution due to wrong classification
  • Use our reminder service. We remind you as soon as the BTI expires to avoid time gaps between two BTIs

If you have any questions please call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a written quote including a full cost breakdown.

If you need assistance with a BTI in Germany or need to discuss a renewal of your current BTI please call us on +49 40 3696150.