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Object against customs assessments

You have obtained a customs assessment and you would like to lodge an objection? Our lawyers in the field of customs law will check the assessment you obtained and take care of the next necessary steps. O&W’s lawyers have been working in the field of customs law for many years and know the customs offices and their characteristics.

  • Take steps against retrospective duty demands – with the help of our specialists for customs law.
  • Secure all the time limits and avoid disadvantageous decisions of the customs.
  • Personal and quick advice by our specialists in customs law.

As soon as the customs are demanding retrospective duties or have issued other decisions, time limits start running and in this connection a consultation of a lawyer specialized in customs law often is necessary without delay. Otherwise substantial disadvantages can be the result.[/toggleoverlay][toggleoverlay class=“no-overflow overlay“ wrapperclass=“hideme overlayertoclose“ id=“overlay-zollberatung“ btntxt=“Contact us now“]

Advice by a lawyer specialized in customs law

You would like to optimize your customs issues, you need advice for the correct customs clearance or you have current challenges with the customs authorities? Then please do not hesitate to contact us – our customs consultancy services from Hamburg will give you a quick and reliable support. We can assist you from the background or directly face to face with the customs authorities.

  • Why not planning all your customs activities to be on the safe side anytime?
  • We can help you with your challenging cases with customs authorities.
  • Countrywide consultations from the trade center Hamburg.

Periods of time often start to run, as soon as the customs demand a retrospective payment or have issued another decision. In such cases  you should consult a lawyer specialized in customs law without delay. Otherwise substantial disadvantages can be the result.[/toggleoverlay][toggleoverlay class=“no-overflow overlay“ wrapperclass=“hideme overlayertoclose“ id=“overlay-zollstrafrecht“ btntxt=“Get your advice today“]

Offences against customs provisions

As lawyers specialized in customs law we are acting on behalf of managers and employees of company customs departments in cases of investigation proceedings on account of criminal offences and administrative offences in customs matters. Infringements of the customs provisions often lead to investigation proceedings of the customs authorities. In such cases we recommend to be represented by a lawyer with specialized knowledge in the field of customs law.

  • It is important to avoid punishment after infringements of customs provisions.
  • Every lawyer of O&W specialized in customs law can act on your behalf in case of accusations of the main customs offices.
  • Direct and discreet advice and development of a strategy for defence.

Often periods of time start to run, as soon as the customs demand a retrospective payment or have issued another decision. Then you should consult a lawyer specialized in customs law without delay. Otherwise substantial disadvantages can be the result.


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As lawyers for German customs law in Hamburg we are advising importers and exporters regarding transactions in Germany concerning their questions about customs law. In import and export questions O&W is assisting their clients in matters of customs legislation and is advising them in their contact with German and European customs authorities, in particular in respect of the Customs Code.

  • Reliable consultations: qualified support thanks to 29 years of experience in the field of customs law.
  • Clarifying your issues: personal and quick contact all over the country
  • Quick results: due to direct proximity to the customs authorities

Therefore, we not only act proactively from Hamburg by working out legal customs procedures for you, but also can assist you e.g. if you wish to raise an objection in case you obtained a customs declaration or in case criminal proceedings and monetary fines proceedings by the principal customs office are impending.

Simply contact our lawyers for German customs law in Hamburg. You can reach us by phone from Monday to Friday between 9 and 18 hours Central European Time under +49 40 369615-0.


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References in European customs law

O&W’s lawyers specialized in customs matters have already dealt with numerous customs cases. Here you will find a selection of our past and current projects. To read more, please click on the heading.

  • Taking over an antidumping exemption

    O&W had the opportunity to assist a big bicycle company in solving their question how to pass on an exemption from antidumping duties for important bicycle parts issued by the European Community to the person acquiring an external company and how this exemption can be used for the own assembly of bicycles.

  • Doubtful origin of solar modules

    Concerning a consignment of imported solar modules the customs had doubts whether the origin of the goods was correct and presumed that these would come from China instead. This would have meant that antidumping duties would have had to be paid, which were so high that they were almost threatening the company’s very existence. O&W advised the company to apply for a suspension of the execution and carried out the objection proceedings.

  • Classification of medical products

    Several times already O&W was asked to examine whether the classification of medical products by the customs was correct and what were the possibilities to obtain a classification in another tariff. As the customs often are of the opinion that a considerable higher tariff is applicable, these questions were very important for the companies importing medical products.

  • Antidumping duties on furniture glass

    At present O&W is carrying out objection proceedings for a company dealing with furniture. According to the customs the furniture glass used by this company is identic with so-called solar glass, with the effect that high antidumping duties are to be paid. As this kind of glass cannot even be used in the solar industry, however, O&W is clarifying for their client in court proceedings whether the antidumping regulation is legitimate at all.

  • Tariff preferences EU <-> Switzerland

    A Swiss company benefits from tariff preferences between the EU and Switzerland, although their delivery warehouse is in Germany. In the past the customs have not confirmed various declarations of origin, but did not made any investigations. O&W is clarifying for this client by court proceedings, whether the certificates of origin were issued correctly and, therefore, the tariff preferences are to be granted in Switzerland.

  • Iran Sanctions

    O&W law office is assisting an exporting company in optimizing their export control for export transactions and for the foreign trade audit in the own company. O&W furnished advice to develop a handbook for export control to provide each employee with a set of rules in this regard.

  • Russia Sanctions

    Advice given to German shipowners under the point of view of compliance for business transactions with Russian enterprises with focus on not to infringe the sanctions for Russia.

  • Antidumping duties on curtain rods

    Assistance for a Polish importer of curtain rods with advice on antidumping duties imposed in Germany. O&W was able to reach to dispense the company from paying antidumping duties by objecting to the imposition.

  • Antidumping duties on screws

    Advice provided to a company that imported screws without paying antidumping duties. Discussing the possibilities of a voluntary declaration and a strategy for the defence in the criminal proceedings.

  • Exemption from customs duties for pharmaceutical products

    O&W gave advice to a company in Hamburg to find out whether it is possible to make use of an exemption of duties according to “list P” for certain pharmaceutical products and their derivatives and how to avoid subsequent duties.

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    Kostenlose Informationen zum Zollrecht

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    Many enterprises are perplexed by customs’ law complexity

    Customs law is a matter that is extraordinary complex, because we have not only a large number of European provisions for the Common Customs Tariff (CCT), but also a lot of national regulations which make it necessary that a lawyer specialized in customs law is taking care of the matter.
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    As German customs law, due to its interlinking with the law of the European Union, is quite particular, enterprises over and over again are faced with fundamental questions for their administrative organization.

    We can help you to develop guidelines and instructions for the organization and scheduling which often are of assistance for all the employees in your company. In this way you can also avoid from a compliance point of view that the management can be blamed by the customs authorities for not having developed the proper structures and organization in their company to comply with all the aspects of customs law.

    From Hamburg we, therefore, can assist you proactively to develop the appropriate procedures in customs law matters and we are also in a position to help you in case you are thinking of lodging an appeal, because customs duties already have been assessed or in case there is danger of criminal proceedings or monetary fines proceedings. Please contact our lawyers for customs law in Hamburg in this connection.[/section]

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    Why immediate action is often necessary

    In particular in case the customs authorities assessed the duties and these are not in accordance with your declaration, you should take prompt action. In this connection a lawyer should check whether the assessment by the customs authorities in Germany is legitimate. If necessary, an appeal has to be lodged to avoid that an unfavourable classification will be repeated for a long time. Often this has to be done within a period of a few weeks, so prompt action does pay.

    Repeated infringements of enterprises can lead to a withdrawal of privileges in customs matters, as e.g. AEO. Furthermore, the customs authorities may start monetary fine proceedings or criminal proceedings. Then the assistance of a lawyer with knowledge in this special field is indispensable, as the penalties imposed can involve considerable amounts. Please do not hesitate to contact us in our Hamburg office to coordinate further actions in such a case.

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    How can we help you with customs law?
    Contact us for free